Dairyman's Edge® PRO is a premium nutrition tool that helps optimize rumen function of high-producing dairy cows. Dairyman's Edge® PRO is formulated to maximize the rumen fermentation process allowing the cow to capitalize on available nutrients. Dairyman's Edge® PRO is effective in assisting:

  • Increasing dry matter intake
  • Improving feed efficiency
  • Improving milk production
  • Keeping cows on feed during ration changes
  • Increasing fiber digestion by reducing fiber passage
  • Reducing weight loss during lactation
  • Reducing the negative effects of stress

Dairyman's Edge® PRO is the most researched products of its kind in the marketplace:

  • 6 years of research
  • 15 Trials
  • 5 States
  • 4800 cows averaging over 90 lbs. in milk production



The results speak for themselves.
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