Balanced Essential Amino Acids

Gemini Protein is a premium bypass protein supplement that represents the latest technology in protein nutrition. By providing the required ratio of all 10 essential amino acids used by the mammary gland for the production of milk, Gemini allows dairy nutritionists to move beyond the constraints of balancing for just one or two amino acids.

Added to rations, Gemini Protein delivers:
  • The amino acid profile required by the mammary gland for milk production
  • formulation to fit today’s ration variations and forages
  • A consistent source of high quality, digestible bypass protein
  • complete amino acid profile at a cost effective price

Modern dairy cows utilize large amounts of very specific proteins (10 essential amino acids) to produce high volumes of milk and milk components. Gemini Protein is a premium protein supplement manufactured for use in dairy rations that ensures an adequate supply of these 10 essential amino acids. This supply is critical for high performing dairy cows to maintain optimum levels of production.

The precise balancing of amino acids not only boosts the levels of production in the dairy cow, but also increases efficiency. The increase in efficiency is a result of matching the strict amino acid requirements of the mammary gland and by not overfeeding or underfeeding these valuable nutrients.

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