Performance Proteins are the dairy industries highest quality and most versatile bypass protein products. Papillon Performance Proteins are produced with the finest ingredients available and with technology developed with over twenty years of research and on farm experience. Having 56 different products, each with unique nutritional characteristics, makes it very likely that we have a product that will fit your particular feeding situation. Specify the crude protein (CP %), bypass level (UIP %), post-ruminal digestibility, amino acid profile and any other nutrient values.

Advantages of our Performance Proteins:
  • Designed for high producing dairy rations
  • Highest quality standards in the industry
  • Consistent load after load
  • Meet or exceeds all USDA and FDA guidelines
  • Most cost effective source of bypass protein (UIP)
  • Custom products are available
  • Consistently delivering the levels of CP%, UIP%, and DIG% within a 1.80% standard deviation

Quality bypass proteins have low ruminal degradation properties that minimize the amount of protein broken down by rumen microbes. In addition, the protein that does bypass the rumen must be highly digestible and have the correct amino acid profile.

Ensuring that dairy cows have adequate levels of digestible amino acids is necessityary to optimize milk production… especially early in lactation. However, not all protein sources are consistent or effective in supplying the right kind of amino acids at the right time or in the correct amounts.

Performance Proteins have a very predictable rumen bypass capability and are highly digestible in the lower gastrointestinal tract. The amino acid content will vary with each product to allow the professional dairy nutritionist flexibility in his ration balancing.

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