PYC-14 is a superior nutritional yeast product that uniquely combines both yeast cultures and live yeast, providing the benefits of each. The combination of the enzymes, vitamins and metabolites from the culture working in concert with the live yeast. Saccharomyces cerivisiae, has been shown to help:  
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve feed utilization
  • Stimulate lactate utilizing bacteria
  • Scavenge rumen oxygen
  • Increase microbial protein production
  • Reducing the negative effects of stress
    • Improve palatability
    • Save money over other products that are just yeast culture
  • Increase milk production

PYC-14 is a natural fermentation product consisting of live yeast, B Complex vitamins, enzymes, and other nutritional metabolitesunidentified growth factors. The Newhaven process consists of wet fermentation and dehydration under low temperature and allows the preservation all the enzymes in PYC-14. Since feed digestion is an enzymatic process; the wide spectrum of enzymes in PYC-14 helps assure optimum digestion and absorption of feed nutrients. This is achieved by converting difficult-to-digest proteins, starches and fibers of grains into a more ready form for assimilation. The result produces a greater release of energy from the feed.

PYC-14 delivers an exceptional metabolite profile, plus a guaranteed count of viable yeast cells of 14 billion CFU’s at the recommended feeding rate.

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