Papillon Press
May 24, 2019
Lifting the fog on prebiotics and probiotics
Progressive Dairyman
by Sarah Stocks
May 7, 2017
Tremendous opportunities await dairies that increase efficiencies
Progressive Dairyman
by Mary Grace Erickson
April 1, 2017
Short communication: Evaluation of the PREP10 energy-, protein-, and amino acid-allowable milk equations in comparison with the National Research Council model
Journal of Dairy Science
by Robin R. White, Tyler McGill, Rebecca Garnett, Robert J. Patterson, and Mark D. Hanigan
August 29, 2016
Audits find feeding efficiency progress, but room for improvement, too
Progressive Dairyman Extra
by Dave Natzke
December 8, 2016
Big Cows Aren’t Efficient Cows
Dairy Herd Management
by Jim Dickrell
September 10, 2015
Let’s look at amino acid balancing
Cowside Practice
by Essi Evans
January 5, 2014
Effects of a supplemental enhanced yeast product on digestion and milk production in dairy cows
The Professional Animal Scientist
by E. Evans, R. J. Patterson, and N. Clark
December 15, 2013
Ask Your Herd Nutritionist About Rumen Efficiency
Dairy Business
by Bob Patterson
April 12, 2010
Balance rations for all essential amino acids
Feedstuffs Reprint
by Essi Evans, Robert Patterson and Charles Sniffen
April 9, 2007
Is lysine:methionine always important?
Feedstuffs Reprint
by Essi H. Evans and Robert J. Patterson
December 10, 2007
Does MUN affect reproduction?
Feedstuffs Reprint
by Essi H. Evans and Robert J. Patterson
June 21, 2006
DFM products may be tool for managing stressed animal
by Dwain Bunting and John Lopez