About Papillon Agricultural Company

Papillon Agricultural Company is a technology based manufacturer of premium nutritional products that support maximal feed efficiency and dairy production performance.

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Easton, MD, Papillon serves dairy consultants, feed suppliers, and dairy producers in the United States and more than a dozen other countries. In 2016, Papillon joined MIN-AD’s family of companies, providing sales and marketing synergies to both organizations.


Pioneering work in pre and probiotics, bypass proteins, and amino acid nutrition, Papillon is dedicated to providing customers with innovative technology to support dairy performance and ensure long-run operation viability.


For over 30 years Papillon has championed feeding efficiently. Our service programs are designed for all members of the dairy industry and demonstrate the environmental, nutritional, and economic impact of improving efficiency at the farm level.


Nutritional efficiency requires consistency. All raw ingredients and finished products are inspected, sampled, and analyzed under Papillon’s rigorous quality control program, resulting in products that consistently deliver.


Efficiency permeates Papillon’s entire business model, including our customer service. Our sales team, technical staff and network of industry professionals are dedicated to sharing knowledge with the aim of meeting our customers’ challenges and goals.



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We take our work seriously and are both proud and honored to have received positive feedback from our customers. Check out what dairy industry professionals are saying about Papillon’s products and services.

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Papillon provides qualified individuals the opportunity to carve their own professional niche, work in an environment that empowers staff, and have an immediate impact in their area of focus. See what openings are available in your area.

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