Papillon DigesTTive Checkup.

A powerful tool for optimizing herd health and efficiency.

The Papillon DigesTTive Checkup is a complimentary service designed to evaluate on-farm management and gut health. The Papillon DigesTTive Checkup provides feedback for immediate nutritional decisions and benchmarking of herd health and efficiency to make sure your herd is on track.

How it works.

  • On-farm evaluation – This includes a herd evaluation and extensive sample collection for a full picture of herd status.
  • Data analysis – In partnership with Rock River Labs, we use high-quality wet chemistry analysis to evaluate feed and manure components.
  • Comprehensive assessment – The Papillon Technical Service team creates a detailed report and assessment of the data.
  • Presentation and discussion – The final report is presented to the producer and nutritionist.

Program components.

  • Digestibility Benchmark – Gauges current nutrient utilization and identifies opportunities to reduce nutrient losses.
  • Gut Health Evaluation – Utilizes various methods to evaluate manure health as an indicator of gut health.
  • Precision Feeding Assessment – Measures accuracy of feed delivery against formulated rations.
  • Pathogen Survey – Identifies the presence of various pathogens in feed and manure to assess risk to cow health and performance.

Benefits for you and your herd.

The Papillon DigesTTive Checkup report delivers opportunities to accelerate herd efficiency. A digestive health snapshot provides a point of reference for immediate decisions. Customized recommendations highlight strategies to improve herd efficiency. And ongoing support results in healthier cows, optimized performance and a better bottom line.

Contact your sales representative to discuss a complimentary Papillion DigesTTive Checkup.