Deliver efficiency through consistency with custom amino acid blends.

Excelene™ custom amino acid blends provide ideal levels of nutrients to dairy cows for optimal feed conversion. The latest research has shown specific amino acids, such as methionine, isoleucine, leucine and lysine, can be used to preferentially drive milk protein, fat and yield. A pioneering technology that undergoes the industry’s most rigorous quality control process, Excelene formulations allow nutritionists to balance for distinct goals and decrease protein variability in the herd.


  • Supply a complete amino acid profile
  • Amino acid blends deliver price stability and savings compared to commodity blood meal and plant protein products
  • Custom blends provide the ideal level of amino acids to avoid over- or under-feeding of valuable nutrients
  • Robust quality control process involves regularly screening of suppliers, analyzing raw ingredients and testing finished products to deliver consistent quality, load after load
  • Excelene blends are backed by over 15 commercial trials and have been fed to top-producing herds for decades

The Spotlight

Learn how Excelene is the most rational ration decision when volatile feed prices threaten your IOFC.

With low milk protein prices appearing to be the norm for 2024, many producers and nutritionists are reluctant

As an industry, we strive to feed cows as consistent and high-quality a diet as possible while trying to save costs in a challenging dairy economy.

Quickly and accurately characterizing the nutrient content of feedstuffs is vital for balancing high performance dairy cow rations.

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