Deliver nutritional advantages.

MIN-AD® is a palatable, naturally occurring calcium magnesium carbonate (Ca,Mg)(CO3)2 supplement. Research tested and field proven, dairies and feedlots across the country have benefited from MIN-AD’s nutritional advantages and significant cost savings for decades.



  • Highly bioavailable source of Ca (22%) and Mg (12%)
  • Supports prepartum intake and healthy energy balance
  • Buffering capacity supports stable ruminal pH
  • Easy to feed during transition and throughout lactation
  • Can replace more than half of the sodium-based buffers in a ration, saving space and cost
  • Sourced from one unique mine in Nevada
  • Product available in bulk, 1 ton totes, and 50 lb. bags

Mined from a unique chemical grade ore deposit, MIN-AD is available in three forms.

MIN-AD Standard.

Used in dry supplements or buffer packs, either as a loose mix or in pellets.

MIN-AD Fine.

Ultra finely ground product that is produced specifically for liquid feed suspension.

MIN-AD Granular.

Specifically formulated to reduce caking in range-mineral applications.
MIN-AD Facility
OMRI Listed

About MIN-AD

Located in Winnemucca, Nevada, MIN-AD, Inc. quarries, processes, and supplies a specialty mineral supplement for dairies and feedlots across North America. More than 50 years of university and commercial research highlight MIN-AD’s dedication to providing customers with high-quality products that consistently deliver and ensure long-run operation viability.

In addition to advancing ruminant nutrition, MIN-AD is committed to providing superior technical support with the aim of meeting our customers’ challenges and goals. In 2016, MIN-AD purchased Papillon Agricultural Company, a distributor of MIN-AD products, to provide nutritional support and sales and marketing synergies to both organizations.

Facility address:

4210 Jungo Road

P.O. Box 39

Winnemucca, NV 89446

Toll free: 800-888-5688

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