MIN-AD Unveils a New Look for the Brand

Winnemucca, NV (August 6, 2020) — MIN-AD, Inc., the Nevada-based specialty mineral supplement supplier, has launched a new brand identity package featuring a shield graphic embellished by three stripes.  

“Backed by over 50 years of university and commercial research, MIN-AD® has proven that quality is timeless,” said President Dr. Mike Crombie. “This outstanding product delivers nutritional advantages to dairies and feedlots nationwide. Evolving the brand identity to a more contemporary look reflects our commitment to our customers and determination to uphold the highest quality control standards in the industry.”

Mined and produced in the United States, MIN-AD is a naturally occurring calcium magnesium carbonate supplement proven to be an effective buffer, rumen microbial growth enhancer,       and highly bioavailable source of Ca and Mg. Practical for both transition and lactating diets, MIN-AD aids in acidosis management, improves mineral status, and increases milk component production.

Additionally, the logo redesign reinforces the relationship between MIN-AD and its trusted partner Papillon Agricultural Company and their common commitment to helping customers overcome challenges and optimize feed efficiency at the farm level. Along with distributing MIN-AD, Papillon develops and produces premium nutritional products including Dairyman’s Edge®, BaciFlex®, Gemini Proteins and Performance Proteins.

For more information, call (800) 888-5688 or visit min-ad.com or papillon-ag.com.



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