Papillon Enhances BaciFlex Formulations

EASTON, MD (October 5, 2021)— Papillon Agricultural Company has reformulated and enhanced BaciFlex®, a family of regionally customized products that utilize natural Bacillus technology to support healthy microbiomes in dairy cows.

“Given that regional clostridia populations shift and change over time, it’s vital that we continuously monitor, screen, and evaluate the Bacillus strains used in BaciFlex,” said Papillon President David Briggs. “Resampling and reformulating ensure product efficacy and fulfills our commitment to helping nutritionists and producers optimize herd health and efficiency.”

Dairy herds are under constant pressure from clostridia, which can cause drags on milk production, cows off feed, digestive disorders, and sudden death. BaciFlex helps cows overcome these challenges by supporting healthy gastrointestinal and immune function.

The BaciFlex reformulation comes after a comprehensive, nationwide resampling project conducted during 2020-2021. Sampling results reinforced the value of regional formulations and confirmed the benefit of the original Bacillus strains used in BaciFlex.

To further boost BaciFlex, all formulations have been upgraded to include additional new strains of Bacillus. These new strains have increased BaciFlex’s already exceptional efficacy of 91.6% to 94.9%— a 3.68% improvement.

The reformulation of BaciFlex is just one example of Papillon’s dedication to providing nutritionists and producers with cutting-edge solutions. For more information on our premium nutritional products, contact your Papillon Regional Sales Manager or visit



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