Quality Control Drives Nutritional Efficiency

Feed efficiently. Words we live and operate by. But how does that benefit you and your herds?

It means built-in quality control. We know that nutrient variability disrupts efficiency and costs money— inconsistent protein and amino acid supply leads to loss of revenue due to overfeeding or reduced performance from underfeeding— that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure all Papillon protein blends bring consistent value load after load.

Confidence. Consistency. Convenience.

Our quality control program sets rigorous targets for crude protein (CP), moisture, rumen-undegraded protein (RUP), and intestinal digestibility for all our incoming ingredient sources. These standards are also applied to finished products, whether it’s a flagship Gemini Proteins™ formulation or a custom blend sold to a small feed mill.

The addition of our near-infrared (NIR) analyzer in late 2020 gave us the capability to test for fat and ash, further increasing our ability to maintain a consistent quality stream of incoming ingredients and outgoing products. Complementing the NIR analysis run on each sample, every fifth sample from each ingredient supplier and product line is subsampled and sent off to a third-party laboratory for wet chemistry CP, in situ RUP, and RUP intestinal digestibility. These stringent testing standards ensure all Papillon products remain consistent day in and day out. For more information on the importance of reducing protein variability, and how this can be done economically, see our Feedstuffs article “Controlling Protein Variation At The Farm Gate” from last month.

Below are several tables presenting the quality control results for some of Papillon’s longest selling protein blends (Advantage Pass and Gemini I) and one of our custom blends. Results are presented for both the last 12 months and long-term averages over the 9 years that we have been carrying out our current quality control program. Additionally, there is a chart for Gemini I depicting quarterly digestible RUP dating back to the beginning of 2014.

Papillon’s quality control program brings value through convenience and gives nutritionists and producers confidence that consistent nutrients are being delivered in every ton.




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