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EASTON, MD (March 3, 2022) — Papillon is committed to helping dairies across the country identify opportunities to …

Corn silage harvest is a crucial time on dairy farms across the country because it provides the forage …

EASTON, MD (October 5, 2021)— Papillon Agricultural Company has reformulated and enhanced BaciFlex®, a family of regionally customized …

EASTON, MD (September 8, 2021)—Papillon Agricultural Company has hired Dr. Devan Paulus Compart as a Technical Services Manager. …

This summer has been a scorcher. Record-breaking temperatures have plagued areas of the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Northeast. …

To say that the marketplace is flooded with prebiotic and probiotic feed additives is an understatement. In 2018, …

December 8, 2016

Big Cows Aren’t Efficient Cows

by Jim Dickrell
September 10, 2015

Let’s look at amino acid balancing

by Essi Evans
December 15, 2013

Ask Your Herd Nutritionist About Rumen Efficiency

by Bob Patterson
April 12, 2010

Balance rations for all essential amino acids

by Essi Evans, Robert Patterson and Charles Sniffen
April 9, 2007

Is lysine:methionine always important?

by Essi H. Evans and Robert J. Patterson
December 10, 2007

Does MUN affect reproduction?

by Essi H. Evans and Robert J. Patterson
June 21, 2006

DFM products may be tool for managing stressed animal

by Dwain Bunting and John Lopez