Focus on the next limiting amino acid.

Gemini Proteins™ are premium bypass proteins representing the latest technology in amino acid nutrition. Balancing for the next limiting amino acid with Gemini Proteins allows nutritionists to move beyond the constraints of balancing for just lysine and methionine, advances herd nutrition and supports production performance.


  • Supply a complete amino acid profile
  • Complement all ration/forage combinations
  • Rigorous quality control ensures product quality and consistency
  • Prevent over/under feeding valuable nutrients
  • Backed by 16 commercial trials
  • Fed to top producing herds for over a decade
  • Deliver significant cost savings compared to blood-based products

What's next?

Gemini Protein – An animated look at the future of dairy

The Spotlight

Get more insights and information about how Gemini Proteins are the most rational ration decision when volatile feed prices shrink your IOFC.

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