Papillon welcomes Jorge Matos as Central Plains Regional Sales Manager

EASTON, MD (June 2, 2021)—To meet an ever-increasing demand for premium nutritional solutions, Papillon Agricultural Company has hired Jorge Matos as Central Plains Regional Sales Manager to provide support to dairy and cattle nutritionists and producers in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado.

“Jorge brings a wealth of knowledge, strong relationships and industry experience,” says David Briggs, president of Papillon Agricultural Company. “Jorge has been dynamically serving the Central Plains nutritionists, feed mills and dairy farmers for six years. He understands the unique needs of the region, and we’re thrilled he’s joined us.”

Matos will support nutritionists and producers in his region by helping them learn about the benefits of prioritizing rumen health and gastrointestinal function to improve feed efficiency, which can impact a producer’s overall financial health.

With 30 years of experience in the western U.S. at Alta Genetics and Virtus Nutrition, Jorge’s career is notable for the win-win conditions he creates. Serving industry leaders, Jorge looks to identify opportunities for increased efficiency on dairies.

Matos earned his bachelor’s degree in business management from Fresno Pacific University, is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, and an active member of the Texas Animal Nutrition Council. He enjoys playing tennis and spending time with family and friends in Amarillo, Texas, where he lives with his wife, Shelley.

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